Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Adi's bag of tricks and other things

Adi has been learning a lot of tricks lately. He roars like a baby lion (?), puts his hand to his ear and says "HWAHA" when you tell him that there is a phone call for him, gives flying kisses, pats himself when you ask him 'where is Adi?", points to the fan and lights and daddy's nose and mama's hair and other fascinating objects correctly. Of course, all this is normal for a baby not yet one. Specially if he is the super-genius, ultra-intelligent, ready-to-chose-between-Harvard-and-Yale variety. Of course that still doesn't mean that he sleeps through the night.

However, what is really funny is that Adi has learnt the sequence of these actions. If you can start him off on the roaring bit, he will take care of the rest, quickly running through the phone-call, the flying kiss, the patting.....heh heh!!

Adi has outgrown the dining table and when he now tries to stand under it, he realizes that above-average height is good in most ways, save one. Of course, if one is a girl, then it is good in most ways, save two.You cannot stand under the dining table without banging your head and you will end up marrying someone who can. (Hello, darling! Yes, one of the reasons you married me was my wit.)

What have I been doing, other than recording my son's achievements and making fun of my husband? I have been working on an important project in order to earn some money. Other than that, I have also been having some fun. I watched Michael Clayton and Manhattan Murder Mystery over the weekend. Thanks to the three day auto-strike, I will miss my gym sessions (alas) but to make up for that, I will twist my body into strange shapes at home and boost my immunity to unprecedented levels. Talking of the gym, I seem to be a soft target (no pun, no pun, I am all muscle) for unsolicited advice. Everyone, and I mean everyone at the gym feels free to come over to me and comment on my weight, my height, the condition of my abs (how can they see what even I can't?), the percentage of fat in my body to seventeen decimal places and so on. I think I am just too polite.

No, that cannot be it. I need to think of a different explanation.


d_grail said...

The disadvantages of being tall...awesome!! and yes am the first one to comment (cartwheels!!)

d_grail said...

The disadvantages of being tall...awesome!! and yes am the first one to comment (cartwheels!!)

churningthewordmill said...

adi's antics are cute as always. i am totally inspired by you. i am now going to join a gym far far away from home.. that way i can bunk gym when the autos go on strike!! yipee!! thanks fr the idea!! :P

Mama - Mia said...

adi is giving kabir a major complex!! :(

hugs to him!! he is abs adorable!! :)

missing the gym! i have been missing it for last 4 years!! :p

and you saw Manhattan Murder Mystery!! imagine my woes! we actually decide to buy ORIGINAL DVD for a change (albiet with discount) and it refuses to work for last 20mins when i guess the mystery does get solved!

we get it exchanged! same story!! sob! sob!

a pal says i will burn it for you and courier it! yiippee! that DVD has 5 movies EXCEPT MMM!!

so i STILL dont know what happens!! and i DID love the movie SO much!!

ok! enough rambling!!

yup yup! witty post!! :D



Anonymous said...

Yes but what is this great money making scheme of yours? I merely ask because I could do with some myself. If its a non-depressing way or raking it in by the bucketful and does not involve depressing words like work & office - count me in!

- Smitha

Parul said...

d_grail - ah well, we tall people have learnt to live with it :-)

mandira - my gym is a ten minute walk from my house but I cannot walk in this heat :-)

abha - heh heh, who knows? I may be making up the stuff that Adi does.

How freaky! We had the exact problem in our DVD too...we also bought it and didn't just rent. Must be a manufacturing defect in the entire batch! We just heard the audio all the way to the end to figure the story.

Do you like Alan Alda? He is mine.

Smitha - oh dear, no! You do know that I am a boring market researcher, right? So yes, it does involve work!!

dipali said...

Tagged, Parul.

GettingThereNow said...

SNARL when people throw unsolicited gyaan at you.

Except when I give you some UG (Unsolicited Gyaan, of course!)

Loved the routine that Adi does (roar, phone call et al) This stage is just so cute, innit??

threedrinksahead said...

Tagged! :)

I love Lucy said...

I loveee Alan Alda.
MASH is like my all time favorite series ever!
Gee..I forgot what I wanted to say in the first place once I saw Alan Alda being mentioned in one of the comments!!

Parul said...

dipali - okies, will pick it up.

GTN - oh, that is ok. How else will I get amused? I agree, this stage is outstanding!

threedrinksahead - same tag as dipali's! Will do.

i love lucy - ah yes, hawkeye is known to have that effect on people of the feminine gender. Now when is that duel?

thelastbyte said...

Unsolicited advice? Perhaps it's that neon sign on your forehead? Of course you're being too nice! Take ceekay's (GTN's) advice and Snarrrl.

Adi has learnt a sequence of actions? That's so cool! I've never seen babies do that. In fact, we tried so hard getting our AI systems to learn that in grad school. Methinks your boy will already be welcome in the finest research labs with a red carpet (or jungle-themed carpet if that's what he prefers)

Null Pointer