Monday, April 7, 2008


I have realized that the only benefit of going to the gym regularly is that you stop minding going to the gym. Yeah, that particular gem is borne of my own experience. I have been lifting some serious weights and have been doing some good cardio regularly for about a month now and honestly, and believe me I would have never thought I could say this, I am sort of enjoying it *insert gasp of horror right here*. I think they have altered my brain cells to make me enjoy exercise.

Of course, an inevitable side-effect of all this exercise is that I am hungrier than ever. I could have lied about this but given that I am typing this while stuffing myself with egg bhurji and bread sort of pricks my conscience.

Anyway, so I think I need to come to terms with the fact that I am not going to get to my pre-pregnancy weight in a hurry but I am going to be fitter than I was even then. And err, the minor matter of the pre-pregnancy jeans, ahem, I can fit into them now. BABY, I CAN WEAR THEM NOW!! CARTWHEELS!!

I am now seriously thinking of running the Mumbai Marathon next year. It will take me about that long to get into shape for running the Half Marathon or at the very least, the Dream Run which is six kms.

Anyone feel like joining me? I am looking for a partner to train with. M: this is a hint for you.


Adi's fifth toothie is out! He had been fussing a bit at mealtimes these last few days but we didn't realize that another pearlie was on its way out till I actually saw it. Cool stuff, what? He now responds to 'dancie, dancie' by actually moving up and down to music. Also, I think he realized how hurt I was at the absence of MUMM-AAH in his vocabulary and has now conceded to say it to me. He also points to the bulbs and the fan when you say these words.

And he has started sleeping through the night.

HAH! Fooled you!



Shobana said...

Yay to you...nice work at the gym. And congrats to Adi on the 5th pearlie...

unpredictable said...

Parul. You're seriously adorable! That kid of yours, if he becomes anything like you, will be one superstar! :)

Mala said...

Wow ! That's fantastic.
(slinks off wondering where she hid her pre-preg jeans that were stuffed away last year,never to be taken out again)

Parul said...

shobana - yay to me, sure!
I refuse to be big and miserable so I am going to be big and fit and happy!!

unpredictable - I am? He will? Oh, goody!

mala - oh hush, as if....have you heard of the concept of R-E-L-A-T-I-V-I-T-Y? Applies here :-)

Nat said...

im jealous - wonder when my brain cells will alter their thinking. soon I hope. your post gave me hope lol!

dipali said...

Good job,Parul!

WhatsInAName said...

aha! I am more ineterested in knowing how your brain cells were modified :)