Friday, December 14, 2007


I think there comes a time in every blogger's life when they do a post with this title.

In my life, that time is right here, right now. [I used to like Abhishek Bachchan at the time of this song, I now think he is a lazy trucker...can't use bad words given parenting blog...specially after Dhoom II...end of digression.]

Anyway, the reason for feeling grateful for this weekend is that I need to go hunting for warm clothes in which to bundle up Adi. We will be taking a trip to Rajasthan soon and we have been warned about the sub-zero (?) temperatures there. Imagine the irony - so far this season I have been barging into stores, looking at all the woolies and politely asking the staff, "Why on earth would you keep all warm stuff for your customers in Mumbai?" This after having had several clothing brands as clients and having worked for a large denim company and knowing perfectly well the reasons.

And now, I will need to go into the same stores, looking rather sheepish and buy some sweaters et al for the boy.

I should also mention here that I need to buy woolies for self too given that none of those bought for various Europe trips in the past few years will fit anymore. Sigh, who would have thought that buying new clothes could be so depressing? People buying larger sizes, that's who.

Also need to figure out how to provide Adi with his vegetable soups and khichdi and applesauce and the like. I can just see one suitcase overflowing with a hotplate, a pressure cooker, a kilo of apples, a hand-blender, distilled water....our days of backpacking are well and truly over, dear reader.

Adi will get his shots tomorrow. I am trying deep breathing to keep myself calm through it all. Last time I nearly socked the doc one. And she was just the RMO assisting Adi's pediatrician. The pediatrician was called away for an emergency c-sec just as Adi's turn for being poked came and she asked her junior to do the honors. I am sure the RMO was perfectly competent and all that but here was my mind screaming,"Why are you going away? Don't let this nausakhiya doctor touch my baby! Come back!"

In fact, I have to shamefacedly admit that after the deed had been done, I snidely mentioned something to the tune of, "He normally doesn't cry this much." Sheesh, what have I come to? I have become such an auntie. I need to start wearing dupatta with nightie in the mornings and troop off to buy veggies from the corner subzi-wala.

Thankfully the doctor was rather understanding and kindly said, "They cry more as they grow up."

Wait a minute!! That means Adi will cry even more tomorrow....AAAUUUGGHH!

Remind me again why I titled this post thus?


Trishna said...

ughhhhhhhhhh..please no dupatta over nightie walk to the corner bhaaji wala!!!
And aww hugsies to Adi baby..I hate those shots..and the peds office when they poke my baby!

Orchid said...

tell me about buying larger clothes with each passing winter....
hugs to you..I know adi will be fine, but will ya??
and oh..I hate fridays, stop by to find out why

Anitha(Nikki's mom) said...

dupatta over nightie? Add Adi to your hips, it completes the picture! LOL, sorry did not mean to make fun at you, just came to my mind. Children cry more as they grow up, that is true. As they develop memory, the memory of pain lingers longer.

Preethi said...

LOL at the dupatta over nighty to go to the bhaji walla.. I have always wanted to ask these women why they wear that dupatta? Do you know the answer to that???
So off to Rajastan? That must be good fun.. have always wanted to go :( Maybe soon!

Vini said...

I am sure you realize by now what a piece de resistance that "dupatta over nightie" remark is! You are making all the passive readers delurk :)

choxbox said...

'..need to start wearing dupatta with nightie in the mornings and troop off to buy veggies from the corner subzi-wala..'


karmickids said...

No. You will become a track pant and tee aunty with jogging shoes buying the sabzi. So she says with the experience of being there, having done that.

Parul said...

trishna - well, the shots are done and over with so that is a big relief!

orchid - will stop by soon.

anitha - add adi to hip, where will all the fat go?

preethi - modesty? i dunno...its just weird that is all.

vini - :)

choxbox - that imagery is becoming quite a hit!

karmickids - lets see! its as bad or as good..

WhatsInAName said...

I was bowled over by this

"I need to start wearing dupatta with nightie in the mornings and troop off to buy veggies from the corner subzi-wala.

rofl :) Parul, I am sure you would look deadly in it!