Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Post from old blog

I used to have another blog at some point in the past. It was mostly private (if there is such a thing, what I mean is that I had shared the link with only a few friends) and I wrote very few posts there. I was going through them today and I am glad to say that I still agree with most of the stuff that I had written out there. What I lack in most things, I make up in consistency. Apparently.

Given that I did not want to blog about my here and now, I am c&p-ing one of the deeply intellectual and hugely introspective posts that I had written there - Why Sushmita Sen will never make it as an A-grade actress? If you are a Sush fan, drop me a comment and I am sure I can muster something similar for Ash also.
  1. She is a mediocre actress at best.
  2. She suffers from the delusion that all men consider her a mysterious, enigmatic woman. Now, Rekha is enigmatic. Any woman who made a hit with the AB deserves that much. Sushmita had one torrid, little number with Vikram Bhatt at some point. I remember her "Baby-ing" him in yet another lovely episode of Rendezvous with Simi Garewal. Enigmatic? Naaaah!
  3. She suffers from a hugely pretentious accent, a strange guttural sound that is ostensibly an attempt at aural seduction. Hmmmppphh.
  4. She refers to herself in the third person. Solely for the purpose for illustration - "Sushmita zab tak zinda hai, apne aap ko alag alag tareekon se express karti rahegi". Last I checked, it was grammatically incorrect, not to mention immeasurably immodest to do so.


GettingThereNow said...

I like both, Sush and Ash :( You have someone else in mind that we can bash together? But then I am sooooooo nice that I might not be able to bash anyone :D

DotMom said...

I want something for Ash too :)

Shobana said...

These apart, I personally think she is a very beautiful woman and she has a very bright smile.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes One for Ash too !Pleeeeeeease!

Stuti said...

AND the very in-your-face feminism irks. The veil of dignity doesn't go a good enough job.

Totally with you on this one.

Alan said...

I saw Sushmita at show with SRK here in Seattle a few years ago. She seemed like a very nice girl in person. I didn't notice anything unusual in her accent.

I will agree that as an actress, mediocre probably describes her best. On the plus side, if the movie is bad, at least she's nice to look at.