Monday, December 10, 2007

Let me tell you a story

The internet is a vast and dangerous place.

But Ms Ommy Ogger had no way to know it. You see, Ms Ommy Ogger had no life, no brains, no wit, no personality. In fact, it would have been difficult to say that Ms Ommy Ogger even existed, if not for the fact that she had given birth to Coupla Kids.

"So cute they are," she would look at them and think. She would also want to rush out and share this with someone else. This was a difficult thing to do because

a. Her family lived in another country
b. Her friends did not consider her worth hanging out with
c. Mentioned above, she had no life

So, despite the internet being a vast and dangerous place, Ms Ommy Ogger got herself a place there. And whaddaya know, soon Ms Ommy Ogger had other Ommy Oggers and Addy Oggers fawning over her Coupla Kids. Sometimes, even Non Ommy Oggers and Non Addy Oggers would come over and say nice things about Couple Kids. It was all rather gratifying for Ms Ommy Ogger who was (one thinks) finally getting herself a life, albeit virtual.

Then on one heinous day, along came Moral Police. Moral Police told Ms Ommy Ogger, "Let us play a game which will be loads of fun. We will tell you what to do with Coupla Kids. In return we get to throw at you all the Barbed Insults we like."

"But that doesn't sound like loads of fun," protested Ms Ommy Ogger.

"You are such a spoilsport," trilled Moral Police and started the game anyway. They were convinced that they would win the game because after all, Ms Ommy Ogger was known to have no life, no brains, no wit, no personality. But what they hadn't counted on was that she was still The Mom to Coupla Kids. She decided to do what she liked with Coupla Kids anyway. This really got the only pet that Moral Police possessed - the goat.

Well, although she did not know it, Ms Ommy Ogger had done the right thing. Because on the vast and dangerous place called the Internet, Moral Police survived only on the rations of Attention. Deprived of this life-giving potion, they had to crawl back to where they belonged.

Thus ended the saga of Ms Ommy Ogger who continued to parent Coupla Kids they way she liked, of Moral Police who are currently looking for a new way to attack Ms Ommy Ogger, of other Ommy Oggers and Addy Oggers who rallied by Ms Ommy Ogger for all they were worth and of the vast and dangerous place called the Internet which still continues to be vast and dangerous, knowing no other way to be.
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All you readers who left behind comments, thank you. I won't be publishing them but have read them and really do appreciate your thoughts and cherish all the DARNED NICE WORDS that came my way courtesy this post.

Once again, thank you.

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