Monday, October 22, 2007

Words of encouragement


Adi can now say words like UMM-MAA and UPP-PAA. I thought we were imagining it but Padma, clearly the sanest and most objective human in this household ratified the same. Isn't he smart? I bet he will go to Harvard. And become a neurosurgeon. And an astronaut. An astronaut who performs brain surgery in space.

This also means that his south Indian genes are
a. more dominant
b. earlier to show (than the north ones)
c. both of the above

I can take either a. or b. but if it is c. then I am just a blubbering mass of despair, despondency and disappointment. (I become alliterative in moments of crisis.) Why should it matter so much? Am I not proud of having married a Tam Bram? (I am!) Am I a 'Penjabi' snob who is not proud of her south-of- the- Vindhyas connection? (I am not a Penjabi, I am proud of the connection) But I would really like Adi to have some of my cowbeltish-ness (definitely not my vocabulary though). I am quite,quite sure Meerut has not spawned any astronauts, let alone ones that perform brain surgery in space.

Anyway, his words are a really ironical development considering that just a few days back, I was wondering if Adi would pick up any Tamil at all.

"How will he pick up any Tamil, eh?"

"He won't."

"How come that does not bother you?"

"Because I can't do anything about it."

"I am sure you can. You speak to him in Tamil every day. Am sure he will pick it up."

"But then you won't understand what I am saying."

And so on. So I decided to approach Padma.

"Padma, you should speak to Adi in Tamil."

Looks at me with an air of exaggerated patience, an air I detest. Makes me feel like a complete idiot. I am not saying I am not one. I just don't like being treated like one.

"But you would not be able to understand what I am saying."

They are all in this together. I needed to do something about this ON MY OWN. On My Own is also a very cute clothing and accessory store in Bandra. That is not the point but I just like giving out these precious nuggets of information. Mahesh tells me that if you google for Pure Magic biscuits or Krackjack cookies, my blog pops up on first page. Tells you a lot about the sheer intellectual force that is my blog.

Where WAS I?

Right, so I decided to teach Adi some chaste Tamil myself. I have lived in Bangalore. Everyone there speaks Tamil (and Kannada. I think). Of course, I needed to pick up only sufficient Tamil to be able to ask Theresa, the office help to get me some more coffee. Right, so we would start with that.

"Adi, ur cup coffee vennum."

Of course, technically speaking there are only two words of Tamil in that sentence but I repeated it ad nauseum. I was fairly certain Adi will be able to fetch me some coffee before the year is out.

And now this, he is already speaking Tamil as if it were his mother-tongue. IT IS NOT. And there is no word in the world called father-tongue.


M has been strutting around after last night as if he personally drove the car that ferried Kimi Raikkonen to the F1 World Championship (of course that would mean that M and not Kimi is the World Champion but surely by now you know what I mean). He kept up a countdown through the day - only 14 hours to go, only 13 hours to go - I was quite relieved when the blasted 14 hours were up and the race started. He kept coming into the room where I was trying to make Adi sleep (we have a pact - I will look after Adi when he watches his races every Sunday and in return he has to buy me whatever I want, whenever I want for the rest of our lives, NO QUESTIONS ASKED) and giving me updates on just how brilliantly his boy (the Finnish one) was performing.I tried to get excited without waking up Adi, an impossible task, I discovered.

Anyway, the F1 season is over. Sundays evenings are free again..HA HA HA!!


M is reading my blog with an intent seriousness. He looks up to ask me,

"Why do you have Google Ads on your blog?"

"So that everyone clicks on them and I make millons and I never have to work again."

"But you're not working even now. So how come they are there?"

" that everyone clicks on them and I make millons and you never have to work again."

Looks thoughtful and proceeds to click on ads zillions of times.



Trishna said...

Why?? you wrote about all the things that I wanted to!!Humpfff will write about it anyway! :) I am glad..atleast someone else is going thru what I am...being married to a mallu formula 1 buff!!
Yayyyyyyy Sundays are free!

Ganju said...

Hello Parul

first of all - i got here from Y's blog and all i can say is hahaha.

second of all - mica, eh? we must have some common friends then. nope, am not from mica - but have lots of mican friends.

third of all - did i say hahahaha?

fourth of all - oh wait, i think i'm done.

Shobana said...

Thanx for Naren's b'day wishes and very funny writing style your's is. Ha, ha, ha!


Mona said...

easiest way to make some easy money - click on wifeblog's adverts.
also, i'm impressed with your bargaining skills - "in return he has to buy me whatever I want, whenever I want for the rest of our lives, NO QUESTIONS ASKED."
go girl!

Parul said...

Trishna - Go ahead, do that post! The League of F1 Fans' Spouses - thats us!

Hey Ganju

first of all - Y herself inspires quite a few you have great credentials.

second of all - of course, you know people who know me. There is nobody left on this planet who doesn't somehow know someone. What is really surprising is that I still have no one to go out with on Saturdays....except M and he doesn't count.

third of all - yes, you did. But you go right ahead and do it again. I am watching.

Fourth of all - good, cos, you know, this has now become the official entry for the longest comment reply ever. It shows I have nothing else to do. Its true. But I'd rather not make it public.

Shobana - thank you very much :) Glad to make you laugh.

Mona - I am, ain't I? And he is supposed to be the deal maker...HA HA HA!

nomadz said...

ur blog is amazingly funny...really like ur writing style:)
recently started reading ur blog...and now i'm totally hooked.
P.S: Adi is sooo cute :))

rayshma said...

a. i LOVE OMO... visit it every time i go to bbay! :) of course, the fact that it coincides with my zenzi visit dsnt say much. but still!
b. u've made me want pure magic! *d biscuits* damn!
c. haahhaha...

Ganju said...

hahaha [damn there i go again - a third 'hahaha']. poor M! and if i am responding to you on 2 different blogs, clearly i am not sufficiently employed. must .... get back .... to workkkk :)

NainaAshley said...

LOL! Got here through dotmom . Loved your writing style! You have a great sense of humor. Will visit more frequently and will add you to my favs.

Parul said...

Madhu - thank you so much. Please continue to say nice things about Adi and more importantly, ME!!

Rayshma - well sweets, this time you can add my place to Zenzi and OMO....walking distance :D ..will feed you PM biscuits :D

ganju - oh come on, what is work, eh, eh? It just pays the bills and keeps clothes on our backs and food on the table and the credit card bouncers away...whats the big deal about it anyway, eh, eh?

NA - I love being a favourite, whatever kind! Thank you!

chandni said...


Parul, I love ur blog!!!

Poppins said...

You are fast becoming my must-visit-atleast-once-daily blogger. Loved your sense of humour girl!

Love the fact that you are married to a Tam Bram and live in Bangalore. (I'm one myself). Oh and I live in Bangalore (who doesn't?)

Whatever. Will be back for some more laughs, please keep writing !

Just Like That said...

Grrr! That whining sound gets on my nerves, I tell you. It was bad enough having two adult males (BIL too)in the house hooked on, but now, post Cars, Sonny boy also jumps in glee when the cars do an extra bit of whizzing. Bah!

Girl, I love your sense of humour. Pure Magic, eh? ;-)

Z said...


Keep writing... you inspire me to start a blog ;-)

Some recent pictures would be great too!

rayshma said...

yumm! i mean, wow! another excuse to go to india!! yippiee!! sure will. and don't u disappear on me when i come knocking... :D

Noodlehead said...

first time here and i'm rotfl! i love the way you write and thanks so much for visiting my blog :) hey, can i blogroll you?

Squiggles Mom said...

I can so relate to the whole tam brahm marrying a northie thing. I have the same conversation with DD about teaching Squiggles Tamil :).
And boy oh boy, am I glad thhat F1 season is over too! I wanted Hamilton to win though and I hate Alonso coz he's such a prig.

Parul said...

JLT - 'Cars', aye? Woo - cant wait till Adi joins that gang :(

And thank you!

Z - why don't you? Then we will prolly know what z stands for!

rayshma - where will I go re?

noodlehead - gee whiz....of course..sure...go right ahead blog roll me

SM - So what did DH say about teached squigs Tam? And do u find Hamilton hot?

Collection Of Stars said...

You are real funny!
Oh Oh...I meant your writing is hilarious :)
I am thoroughly enjoying myself reading your blog :)

Parul said...

COS - Happy to know that...browse through!