Saturday, October 13, 2007

Time to shower the world with thank yous!

The ever-so-kind dotmom decided to write some really nice things about me. In fact, she decided to pull out all stops and award me with this:

Ever the stoic, I just took it my stride and moved on with the barest hint of a smile.

SCREEEEEEEECH! As soon as Mahesh entered the house, I bounded over to him, Adi hanging on to dear life from my waist as I displayed the award to him on the laptop. Very nice, very nice, now can I come inside, he asked. I could instantly see that he was insanely jealous. After all, no one has ever called him a Rocking Girl Blogger.

Err. That didn’t come out like it was meant to.

I think I am supposed to pass on the award to other girls (or at least internet girls…can never tell with the hidden ids). With Diwali around the corner, I am in the mood for some home improvement. I actively go through many design/décor websites every day, note the wonderful things people are doing with their homes and think how I could replicate them in my own house before I come to my senses and collapse on the old sofa with some sugary coffee to revive me. I think I am going to make a break from tradition and instead of a mom blogger, give it to a girl who I think runs an awesome blog (website, now) indeed. Most of you may have seen it. It is Grace at
Design Sponge. Her own apartment is gorgeous. I would like to have a home like that one day – all vintage rugs and French chairs and lolling cats (dogs) and all.

Once again, thank you, dotmom. It feels embarrassingly good to get this!


The opportunity to thank arose again as I opened Bombay Times this morning (how come they didn’t have to rechristen it to Mumbai Times, eh?) and saw a (paid-for) article showcasing the virtues of Identiti nameplates for kids. I thought it was enough to give kids names that didn’t make them the butt of jokes for all times to come. Apparently you need to cement that with branded designer nameplates. “These are very personal gifts guaranteed to instill a sense of pride in children from a very young age.” I see.

How lovely, I say. Now I can just go ahead and accept that pending invite to the crack party and round off the night with some binge drinking. All Adi needs to get a sense of pride is a nameplate. I am all for simplification in life.


Adi is turning over and creeping all over the place. All three of my eyes are constantly on high alert as the boy decides to take a REALLY CLOSE LOOK at that particular paisley on the printed bedspread. As if life wasn’t a giant to-do list already, I have also taken on a nicely complex project from work. Goody, one more thing to be half-hearted and guilty about!



Timepass said...

congrats parul!!
hope this is the beginning of many more awards coming ur way

Fuzzylogic said...

Congrats Parul!from another co rocking girl:)See I'm as modest and subtle as they come too:)

eve's lungs said...

Congrats Parul and thanks for dropping by my blog. Im an avid reader of Mommy blogs and think you guys are doing a greta job. Although I have passed the stage you all are in - cant help wishing mommy blogs were around when my kids were small

2 B's mommy said...

Congrats and thanks for visiting me too :-) Loved your writing style. Read in your profile that you read Shivani - my aunt ( Buaji) has written her PhD thesis on her long back !

BTW, Adi is one handsome and cute baby !!

Parul said...

Timepass - thanks...boy, I sure hope so too.

fuzzylogic - thanks, yea, yea..I know...we are the cool club!!

eve's lungs - your current blog kicks some ass glad you write.

2B's mom - thanks so much for coming by. Well, I liked your writing style too...its like talking to we're quits!
And thanks for saying such nice things about my little boy...feels so good! :D

Squiggles Mom said...

Congrats :). I just saw your profile says you graduated from MICA. I was on the other campus in Vastrapur without the rocking garba nights.