Sunday, October 28, 2007

Child's play is anything but that

My friend RR is moving from Delhi to Mumbai. After she battled Mumbai property brokers, braved several apartments that ended before they began and successfully discovered the house situated at the exact point that would save her husband 1.3 minutes in commute time, she arrived at the most critical of all questions - that of a playschool for her two-year old. New as she is to Mumbai, she is open to suggestions, even from me. So I sent her off on her merry way to Kangaroo Kids, which has top-of-mind recall for me, thanks to the one branch next to Crossword, a place I am often found lurking at. Well, it was not to be simple at all...what is about kids? So after putting the little one on a waiting list where she was promised a seat in the playschool in the year 2025, RR went back to Delhi.

However, lady luck was about to smile on them. After a few days, RR's husband received a call from Kangaroo Kids.

KK - Hello, is this RR's husband?

RR's Husband - Yes, it is.

KK- This is Kangaroo Kids calling.

RR's Husband - What?

KK- This is Kangaroo Kids calling.

RR's Husband (doubtless forming an image of baby marsupials gathered around a phone somewhere and calling him) - in the animal?

KK - Yes, we have got a place for your child. Cough up the dough.

and so on...

Turns out it had slipped RR's mind to mention to her husband that she had shared his landline number with the playschool. Fortunately for all concerned, RR's husband quickly arrived at the understanding that his offspring's academic future was at stake and ran off to pay up. And a little girl has now earned the right to frolic with other....kangaroo kids.

This got me thinking. An activity not recommended for even the best of times, definitely a bad idea when one is a new mother. Maybe we were lagging behind. So far I had been rather comfortable in the fact that Adi is only six months or so. SCHOOL and all that nonsense was WAYYYYY out there in the comfortable distance. RR's experience hinted otherwise. I immediately sprung into action and decided that I would take matters into my immediate control and do what needs to be done. In other words, I called Mahesh and asked him to register at Kangaroo Kids. As a thank you, here is a picture of Mahesh waiting to stuff his face at Papa Pancho's - a dhaba-themed restaurant at Bandra. You can see he looks starved.

Soon after I took this picture, he told me "When Adi is about two, we should get a that we continue to be used to the hardship."

To get back to the playschool, we registered Adi at KK for the June 2008 batch and were feeling mighty puffed at being so proactive when a couple friend of ours dropped in to see us that evening. Their daughter is only a couple of months older to Adi.....its really surprising how our entire friends-list comprises people with kids, where are all our single friends, the ones we used to hang out with, eh? Anyhow, so when Mahesh asked our visiting friends about good playschools (smirking mentally, I am certain), they fired a list of the top academies...and get this - we had NOT HEARD OF any of the schools on the list.
This set me thinking yet again. I am quite, quite certain that I am not going to be an Over-Achieving Parent. Sure, I'd like Adi to get a great start and everything but the point is this - I am not quite sure how does one go about it. I have been trusting my instinct for the last six months and I was rather counting on it to come to my aid for the rest of my parenting years also. Sure hope I am doing the right thing.

However, if you have contacts in the top playschools of Mumbai, please do help out a parent in need. Else, it looks like marsupial babies for Adi.

I hope they don't read this post and take his name off the list.


Mona said...

i had a comment about playschools and the like and then i forgot because i can't over how much adi looks like m. i bet you hate this comment, as much i do, but he does!
i'm sure he has your intelligence, wit and everything else though to get him into one of those awesome playschools!

Trishna said...

awwwwwwwwww Adi is such a cutie!! and the hair and the expression reminds me of AAdya..makes me wanna pick him up and hug him tight!
P.S. Love Papa Pancho too!! yummm yumm food... ohh man! u have me drooling now!

Moppet's Mom said...

Oh boy, don't get me started on this one. That's one reason I'm glad we're no longer in Mumbai. We were still in India, and Moppet was about 9 months old when a couple of friends asked we had registered her for school - apparently, for places like Cathedral and the like, you need to register your kid before she turns one to have a chance of getting in. Considering that they don't ually go till they're 3, I thought that was the most ridiculous thing I'd heard.

Z said...

Ha hit it where it hurts!

Whenever my mom sees me PARANOID over something she always says OUR GENERATION plans,worries,thinks too much....Per her the best way is to let things be and she may be right considering both her kids went to top B schools, have good jobs and are so called well settled in life!!!

Adi looks adorable...he does look like Mahesh :-)) Hopefully he has your wit and sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Really? U registered Adi into KK already? OMG..I think I may have destoyed whatever Ananya's chances were of getting a bright education..I didn't have any smarts to pass on to her genetic make up to begin with..and now it's too late..she's already 19 months old!


rayshma said...

no kids yet, but that dsnt stop me from giving vishesh tippani.
my ex-ceo had told me that they were going for interviews so his to-be-born-after-4-months kid cud get into d school of their choice! WOW, eh?! i didn't know 4 months before getting married that i wud get married!

Sandeepa said...

You are too funny :D

Parul said...

Everyone - I have come to terms with the fact that Adi resembles M. Please donate generously to pay for my therapy.

Trishna - yeah? Think of the fat bhaturas that come with the spicy chhole....!!

MM - I am not even sure that I want Adi to go to Cathedral. I believe all celeb/rich kids go there and form all sorts of cliques :(

Z - So now I know that you went to a top b-school, have a good job and are well-settled in to tell me your name? Come on, be a sport!! I won't tell anyone, not a soul, can mail me

Anon - HA HA HA...finally..someone I can feel superior to!!

rayshma - so what happened after that?

sandeepa - its my defense mechanism against over-achieving parents.

Squiggles Mom said...

He looks absolutely adorable and I don't think he looks like S. But then I'm usually wrong about things like that. E.g. everyone thinks Squiggles looks like DD but I don't agree. DENIAL is great.

Squiggles Mom said...

I meant Adi looks adorable not M. Not that he looks bad.. oh god you know what I mean.

Moppet's Mom said...

You know, that's the thing - there aren't too many good schools in bombay and the few good ones (or at least they used to be) are stuffed to the gills with rich, cliquey kids. I heard another story about Cathedral, where a friend of a friend was dropped from the car pool because his car (a Sonata) wasn't good enough!

So yes, you don't want your kids to go to schools like that, but there are so few good schools that I've heard of in Bombay. We used to live in Khar not too far from Poddar. That's supposed to be a good school (and middle class) but have you seen it? Just tall buildings overstuffed with poor kids. It's a hard choice...

Parul said...

SM - It's ok. I know what you mean.You mean that Adi is cute but not as cute as M, eh?

MM - Dude, we don't even have a Sonata...what will happen to poor Adi?? And Delhi people are supposed to be snooty. I just want Adi to go to a school good at acads - that's it. I don't give a shit about its brand value. Huge struggle ahead - let us see!

rayshma said...

after wot?
d ceo's daughter? she was granted admission. and she's now FINALLY old enuf to go to school.
d parents had THEIR interviews when d mother was 4 months pregnant. and again after the child was born. only then was the infant guaranteed admission. i forget the name of d school... but i guess they believe that childbirth leads to degeneration of intellect in parents.

the mad momma said...

move to Delhi. there is no booking and we had a large variety to choose from. no doubt they were all KK type.. but its okay. who cares when its just playschool?!