Friday, August 31, 2007

Cinema Paradiso and sleepless in Mumbai

Soon after I had Adi, I realized that I needed to trade my old mode of entertainment (endless working hours on weekdays followed by tequila therapy on weekends) for new ones. It was then I discovered my talent for watching and following movies on my computer with the speakers turned on mute. Of course I miss out on the lovely background score and the dramatic intonations in the dialogue but look at this way - its either that or Adi waking up. Which one do you think I would chose?

Since Adi started sleeping at a more or less predictable time, we have now made the movie viewing a group activity and after putting him in the crib, we all gather around the DVD player in the hall (euphemism for the largest closet in our apartment) and watch some safe (no violence, no sex, no strong language) movies. Of course, one of us jumps up every ten minutes to check on Adi and comes back bearing elegantly worded reports such as, "Mouth open, both hands up, smiling in sleep" or "Thumb in mouth, slight shifting of legs, probably dreaming" etc.

I have now officially started feeling panic at the thought of being rendered completely obsolete at my workplace. I should know better. The India story is being told and retold, the economy is robust, there is plenty of work out there and no freelancing market researcher has ever been out of a job. But try telling that to a person who has only added lightening fast diaper changing to her resume in the last four months and you will only get hollow laughter in response. Yes, I laugh hollow. Sometimes deep, but mostly hollow.

I have started adding an infant to my shopping basket ever since I realized that both Adi and I prefer going shopping to taking humid, sweaty, tiring walks on the rain-washed and eminently dirty streets of Bandra. Adi believes in retail therapy as deeply as his mother does. Who says religion is not inherited?

He continues to wake up several times during the night. I think he has the infant version of midnight cravings because he refuses to get back to bed without feeding. That renders Saint Mahesh useless though he does get up as many times as I do to make Adi go back to sleep (which is why he was sainted, btw). I like this New Age husbanding very much. Its comforting to know that one doesn't need to suffer alone.

Most importantly, we have booked our first weekend out since Adi for the third week of September. The event shall take place in Goa and we are doing it in style by flying Business and staying at the Park Hyatt. I have been making use of the e-concierge services and have booked a crib for Adi in the room. This is a significant and courageous step for us and we are looking at it with a 80:20 mix of trepidation and hope.

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i-me-myself said...

Its criminal not to comment on your posts :) Funny, and exactly how my life was few months ago. My baby is a year old, and i've been there too - the whole 'bored-to-death' scene with too much of the baby and not much else - specially miss the movies. Even now. Enjoying your posts, going thro your whole blog gradually.
And btw, 'lightning' not 'lightening'..;)