Wednesday, August 8, 2007

10 Reasons Why This Is A Tougher Job Than Sitting In A Cubicle

  1. I put a night out for every single day for the first three months of joining.
  2. My boss regularly screams at me, sometimes for hours on end.
  3. The clock does not stop ticking at 5:30 pm. Or 8:30 pm. Or 11:30 pm.
  4. I have to clean the shit my boss makes.
  5. My rest-room breaks have to be pre-approved by my boss.
  6. I can eat only when my boss has finished eating and has gone off to take a nap.
  7. While my boss naps, I need to do more work.
  8. No weekends.
  9. I need to take my boss with me on my vacation.
  10. I signed a life-time contract that the smartest-ass lawyer in the world can't get me out of.


Y said...


Okay,sorry, couldn't resist one last one.

I do know what you mean though. My baby is 2.5 months old and this is pretty much my job description.

In fact, these are the perks so far.

Anonymous said...

first time here..
ROTFL.....have a 8 month old...been there, done it, seen it...

sparkle hayter said...

ROTFLMAO. I esp. like the one about cleaning up your boss's shit. Whenever I am PO'd at my boss, which is often, I shall console myself with the knowledge that at least I don't have to do that.