Monday, July 16, 2007

Of thumbs and virtual identities

As with all things Adi, we did some furious and intense research on the net regarding his thumb sucking. And were rewarded with the discovery that we had got everything wrong till now. Apparently stopping babies from sucking their thumbs only succeeds in making it an ingrained habit. Most kids who suck their thumbs even in somewhat advanced years have one thing in common - they all had to face a battle with their elders regarding the habit when they were smaller. Zowie Bowie - that means that our only bet to stop Adi from taking this habit to school is to letting him do it. Not so simple. We are also supposed to treat this as a signal that he is hungry, thirsty, bored or tired and approach it accordingly. So add that to our already full evenings. Now after ensuring that he is full to the point of bursting, is wearing a fresh diaper, has napped enough...we now start the Adi Circus. This is where we surround him with toys, play his mobile and music box, sing songs from genres as diverse as Indian Classical to Classic Rock and sometimes, just to keep the beat going, I take both his rattles and clang them incessantly!! The success rate varies from day to day but somehow we manage to make him forget about his thumb and worry about his imbecilic parents instead.
As for me, I have got myself yet another virtual identity on Facebook. Its amazing how friends who claim to have no time for each other in (so far) 'real' life send each other umpteen messages over such networking sites. I fear that by the time Adi grows up a bit, the concept of meeting friends every evening to just hang out and play would have gone ka-boom. All kids will do is shift from screen to screen - Playstation, TV, Computer - its a scary thought. The only consolation seems to be that he wont be the only kid facing the blurring of real and virtual lives.

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Stories Untold said...

this thumb sucking reminds me of my parents struggle with my brother and how the Dr would react 'relax! I have yet to meet a child who grows up into a man sucking his thumb'!