Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Let sleeping babies lie

Adi through the day is such a delight that its difficult to believe that he is the same baby that we try to put to sleep at night!! As I write this at 10:30 pm, Mahesh is just starting on his nightly duty of putting baby to bed. No mean feat this...oh fact, I would not trade my place with Mahesh for all the US made Pampers in the world (and I say this in spite of the fact that I take care of practically every other requirement that baby has).

The Ritual starts off with some play time with grandparents..often with Amma singing some Carnatic songs and Appa making all sorts of silly sounds. After this daily dose of entertainment, Adi is handed over to his Bumbling, Fumbling Parents (hereafter referred to as BFP). I first give Adi a nice, relaxing massage. He gurgles his way through this pampering and even obliges with some really cute smiles. We then give him a bath (his second of the day) with besan and milk in the hope that it will relax him enough to knock him out for a few hours. While I bathe Adi, Mahesh sings Yankee Doodle Dandee. Post bath, a long moisturising phase follows. Finally, Adi is put in his sleep suit ( a torture device specially aimed at tired moms with its 20 buttons staring at you like menacing monster eyes) and is handed over to Daddy.

This is usually when the kfun begins. Mahesh alternately walks and jogs with Adi swinging in his arms while at the same time trying not to go off-key on Adi's bedtime jingle of choice. On good days, this lasts for about 30 minutes. Adi either peers at the celing fan or lights or if he really wants to screw us, CRIES!

The massage and bath start taking effect after this and he finally starts slowing down. This is when Mahesh finally puts Adi on his belly and sits down on the sole comfy sofa in the room. In this posture, a tired Mahesh often goes off to sleep with Adi comfortably resting on him....asleep, if we are lucky.

So cute, you say. But wait, its not over yet. Once Adi is asleep, the trick is in getting up from the sofa and putting Adi in his crib without waking him up. While Mahesh makes what we fondly call 'The Switch', I watch with bated breath (I am not using this as a figure of speech, I really do hold my breath!). At least half of the time, Adi decides that he has not had enough and opens his eyes as soon as he is put down. At other times, this is really end of day's play. And on some excruciating days, we think that it is end of day's play, crawl into bed bone-tired, switch off the lights and just as we are drifting off, we hear a distinct sound - that of Adi telling us just who's Boss!!

There we go again :)

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