Friday, July 13, 2007

My way

I think this blog and my writing in it is hugely unstructured. Thats because I have no time to actually plan on my posts. This is auto-writing at its best!

First, some interesting milestones : Adi can 'box' and tries to imitate boxing actions made by others. This is seriously cute :)

He also tries to grasp a finger or toy if it is held to him. He is not successful all the time but he tries!!

He continues to coo and gurgle and make "Ah-goo" type sounds....awesome indeed!

The thumb sucking continues as do our efforts to put an end to it. Some adults in the house are of the view that it will cease within a month or so...lets see...we live in hope!

His sleep patterns are all awry once again. There is no point even trying to document when he sleeps and for how long. They are just too different from day to day. But thank the Lord for small blessings - he does sleep at night and does not mix up his nights and days :)

The video equipment is finally set up (read, battery inserted into camera) after much prodding from the elders and now we have some ultra cool movies of Da Adi Man playing and acting cutesy!

A good thing about having a baby is that you dont need to wait for weekends...every day is equally hard!

As an aside - my memory seems to have gone under. Since I had the baby, I just seem to remember things. I dread anyone asking me 'when did you last feed Adi?' cos its a struggle for me to remember these short term things. Maybe its the chronic broken sleep or the deprivation thereof. Add that to my congenital absent-mindedness and its a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

Adi at bath is such a button. He loves the jets of water spurting over him. I cant wait for the time he will be able to sit up. I will get him a fancy bath tub, complete with baby jacuzzi...and bath toys...and bath bubbles.. and spoil him rotten!

I spend inordinate amounts of time every single day changing Adi's clothes. At least once every day - he spits up, I wipe him clean, dry him, put talc and baby lotion, put a new onesie on him, pick up him....and woo hoo....there is another spit up...repeat the process....pick him you go, Mommy, here's another big one!! And then he smiles or gurgles and like an idiot - I laugh too :)

Yeah, we are fools in love alright! I dread the time he will grow up and wont need me to do all this stuff for him anymore. Hmmm...maybe should plan another one...

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Stories Untold said...

Parul Sharma, as much as i can say I delight in reading your account, i must also say u r this overtly indulgent mother - at this rate Adi will have u nicely wrapped around his little finger in no time - actually correction - of what I can make out he already has!

I am so proud of U!

Continue being the cool mom that u are!