Friday, July 20, 2007

Gourmet kookies

One of the things that I really want to do in all-too-short stint as a SAHM is explore the various foods available in Mumbai. Many a time in my avatar as a busy office-goer I had day-dreamt of what it would be like to actually try some of the restaurants, cafes, pubs and even dabbawallahs that get reviewed regularly by lifestyle magazines (I just luuuuuurrrrrvvvvv those!).
I kick-started my resolution-to-reality maneuver by ordering some super-expensive, super-exclusive kookies from Sir Oliver Tryst's Kookie Kitchen. The girl who took the order had an impeccable phirang accent and I was terribly impressed. Wish I could say the same about the cookies (enough of the stylish misspelling) that arrived in a rather fanciful box. Each cookie was individually packed and the texture was nothing short of superb. But one bite - and you are left thinking - have they used salted butter? Why should a sweet biscuit (isnt that what cookies are at the end of the day?) taste salty...unless its pretending to be Krackjack or the newer 50-50? Or are the best cookies in the world supposed to be salty and its just me who is the ignoramus around here? I wouldnt know.
What I do know is that Adi's first cookie is not going to be coming from Mr. Oliver (yeah, I just de-knighted the blighted thing).
I have been trying all day today to cut Adi's nails. They grow faster than weeds, I swear. And obviously, there is no way in hell he is letting me anywhere near his nails while he is awake. So I need to wait till he falls asleep. Except that when he does fall asleep, I want to nap too! This struggle normally continues to the point where Adi manages to gouge some flesh out of unsuspecting care-givers with his claws. I have a feeling we are about to reach that point sometime this evening.
When I am feeling a little braver, I would also like to attempt cutting off some of his looong hair. I believe it makes him look like a miniature Amitabh Bachchan of the '80s or even better, a little baby girl. But it needs to go!

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